Can I visit Your Winery?

Do you offer visits to your winery? For tours? For tastings? For special experiences? Well, sometimes even we don’t know, when we visit a winery website. Here is a simple tip:

If you offer visits, then say so clearly on the starting/landing page of your website. Make it a menu item, or a button. Time and again we have to dig deep, to find out if a winery is open to the public.

Just now, adding more wineries to Wine.Pop, we came across a website, where in a long article the winery owners at the end of six paragraphs ‘mention’ : We will be happy to present our wines to you at a tasting. And that is the only mention on the whole website, that the winery is indeed open to visits by wine lovers.

An event at Bodega Otazu outside of Pamplona, Navarra, Spain.


The importance of winery visits to small and medium sized wineries

Being able to visit your winery is an effective marketing instrument. In a survey we did in Spain, owners of small and medium sized wineries had this to say about the importance of wine tourism:

  • Many of our current customers stem from a visit.
  • Essential. There is no other possibility for small wineries to survive in a global market.
  • We understand, that this service is very important for our winery, brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Very interesting. Coming to know the product at a visit means establishing an emotional connection, which the customer does not have with other products.
  • A visit to our wineries is very important for us, as it establishes a link with our customers and this makes word of mouth work.
  • Very important! It is the door, that allows us, to access potential customers who would otherwise be inaccessible to us.

Do we need fixed opening hours? — We have no staff for that!

How very true. Smaller wineries often can not afford fixed opening hours. They need to be flexible. And even then, to spend time with wine lovers, whom you would like to convert to long term customers of your treasured creations, setting an appointment is the best for everybody.

Wishing you lots of wine lovers!

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