Finding your Winery — What is good for Mercedes is good for Wine.Pop!

Today we are introducing to the Wine.Pop website the most advanced navigation help in existence: what3words. — With just 3 words you can tell anyone exactly where you are located anywhere in the world. No more long GPS coordinates on your business cards. Just 3 words. No more lost customers. Just happy visitors. And this is how it works:

what3words, located in London, has taken planet earth and compartmentalized it into 57 trillion small squares. Each square is just 3×3 metres. And each of these little squares is identified by just 3 words. Our Wine.Pop sample winery has these 3 words: shard.anchored.excuse. When you click on them, you are guided to the what3words page. Once there, click on the 3 words at the bottom and you get a choice of maps to guide you to the winery.

See how it works in the future Mercedes navigation system:

GPS position in the middle of the vineyard? Help!

We see many wineries, whose official GPS position is in the middle of one of their vineyards. For example this one:

This kind of problem is often difficult to resolve for visitors.

So where shall we drive, lacking a tractor? When Wine.Pop enters wineries, we check the GPS given, and if we see the official one to have room for improvement we try. But sometimes even we can not determine, what would be a better spot.

Another mistake can be made, when the GPS pin is precisely on the building of your winery, but it takes two kilometres on private land to arrive. In such a case it may be better to place your pin at the point of the official road system, where the path to your winery building begins.

All wineries listed in Wine.Pop have their 3 words already implemented. With such precision you may want to check the position of your official map pin and maybe move it to precisely the entrance door of your winery or the car parking.

Pick me up for a winery visit

A typical scenario in Spain: Friends want to visit a winery and would like you to join, but you are “at the beach”. To pick you up, just tell them your 3 words, and with their what3words app they will find you in no time. (This is something, which is virtually impossible with the normal GPS digits: “budding.soap.fine” is a lot easier to convey by phone than 38.524847, -0.094242.)

Oh, not to forget: what3words works in many languages. So wineries in Spain can use Spanish. The 3 words for Wine.Pop are capitán.paridad.filas

And here is the promotional video of what3 words:


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