September 2016

Discover Real Wine Culture with WinePop

Discovering real wine culture has never been easier thanks to the newest wine app, WinePop. WinePop goes further than any other wine app has before, with wineries listed by proximity to your location, hours of operation, products, general history/information, languages spoken, and online links. strong

Detailed search functions allow the user to search by name, country/region, or in the case of many countries, by appellation. This, with users able to rate their visit, makes WinePop one of the most complete wine apps in its inaugural release.

“When I was researching for another project involving wine, I found it difficult to find one single source for wineries. It became a combination of Google searches, several apps and a little bit of luck,” says app creator and creative director Tomas Voltz.

Voltz wanted to make it easier to discover vineyards in one spot. After visiting wineries around Barcelona to see what they needed, he discovered wine guidebooks were the primary promotion tool.

“The big complaint about wine guidebooks is they mostly focus on the wines, not the experience, and they’re out of date by the time they’re printed. WinePop and other applications allow for information to be updated immediately, as it changes,” relays Voltz.

WinePop also gives all wineries, no matter their size, and equal opportunity to showcase their business without having to commit to large marketing expenditures.

“WinePop levels the playing field for small and medium sized wineries and gives the user a better snapshot of what they can expect on their visit, without having to do detailed research,” shares Voltz.

WinePop will be expanding, offering many more major features, with the first coming in autumn, allowing users to purchase wine tours with one click. Voltz says these updates are key.

“One click tour purchases will make our app the premier place for wineries and users to connect directly, and help wineries increase their profit through visits and direct wine sales,” says Voltz.

WinePop began with 900 wineries in Spain in its beta phase. Full usability of the app is now available to wineries in a membership format, to ensure a top experience for users, and ensure accurate information. The membership gives wineries access to current functions and all new functions as they are launched, including the upcoming tour booking system.

Currently, WinePop is rolling out sales and services in Spain. European wineries will follow, with the app going global by the end of 2017. Wineries anywhere can contact WinePop directly for information on how to be added prior to their region launch.

Users can download WinePop to their Android and iOS devices for free, as well as find it via web at

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