With more than 3.000 wineries around the globe listed, we now embark on the second phase of the Wine.Pop project: Integrating a booking system for winelovers. They will be able to reserve and book their winery visit directly from our website or from the apps.

Welcome tour operators!

We would like to invite tour operators to join Wine.Pop, as many wine tourists do require a guide. Be it to enjoy your professional know how, your special relationships to wineries, which will give your tour this special extra, a regular visitor will not get, overcome language barriers, not wanting to drive but rather do more "intensive" tasting, not comfortable driving in a foreign country like South Africa, where the steering wheel is at the "wrong side" of the car, etc. There are numerous reasons to use YOUR SERVICES.

Multiple languages

Wine.Pop currently runs in 10 languages. The content however depends on the wineries time and wish to add their information in more than their own language. In Wine.Pop Phase 2 we will have an integrated artificial intelligence based translation system with the new platform, which at this point in time covers for example German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian. — Your promotional texts will appear in these languages automatically. And you know: If we approach a potential client in his own language, he is much more likely to read, what we want to tell him.

Where we stand

We are currently busy working on not only a complete overhaul of the website and the apps of Wine.Pop, but also programming the booking engine to cater for the different needs.

So today we simply invite you to let us know that you are generally interested in a cooperation and maybe also suggestions, what you as a tour operator think is important for us to know, so that your offers will be properly presented in Wine.Pop.

I would be delighted to if you dropped us a line, and we shall inform you as we are getting closer to the finishing line of Wine.Pop Phase 2.

Kind regards,

Tom Voltz

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